It’s True…

Team work makes the dream work. The fairer motto of high school football teams and Wal-Mart Supercenter employees rings true in all things, including family. As Brittni and I work to create a better life for our family, I am constantly reminded of the need to work together.

This morning, I went to my parent’s farm and began work on a new chicken coop for our back yard. I arrived around 7 AM, earlier than I normally would to work on a project like this. With a rough idea of what I was building, I immediately got to work collecting tools and materials for the project. I began from the bottom and worked my way up, but soon realized the physical limitations of the supplies I had available. I soon began wringing my hands and scratching my head, contemplating my next construction move. After some time, I was still stumped.

Upon completing his morning chores, my father came over to inspect my work. With short consideration, he explained a simple resolution to the issue that challenged me for what seemed like half of a day, but was, in reality, only 15 minutes. We continued to work on the aviary domicile through the morning. Each time we came to the next step, we would share ideas back and forth and agree upon what would be the best design. As the day went on, I had accomplished much more work than I had anticipated completing when I left home that morning. The tasks I feared doing by myself were a breeze with the extra hands to hold a board while I cut or help carry heavy materials. We worked on the structure until he had to start his evening chores of feeding and milking cattle at 5 PM. I cleaned up the work space, made a list of the materials I need to finish the project next weekend, and headed home.

I walked into the house, Subway dinner in hand, and greeted my wife, Brittni. She had just fed Georgia, who is a few days shy of 3 months old. I unloaded the bag of food and sorted our sandwiches, sodas, chips, and cookies into two piles. Seeing that Brittni had spent all day with our child, I went to relieve her. As I held our baby, Brittni ate her awaited dinner and thanked me for picking it up. I thanked her for watching Georgia and cleaning the house while I was gone. Once my wife was finished eating her dinner, I passed the baby back off and had mine.

A day like today really makes you realize that a good team can be more valuable than any amount of skill one person can possess. My father and I worked together on a project making the work go faster and increasing the quality of the final product. My wife and I worked as a team to improve our home, as well as that of our feathered backyard friends. Whether working directly with someone to accomplish a task or working towards a common goal from different angles or perspectives, team work does, in fact, make the dream work.

Two are better than one: They get a good wage for their toil – Ecclesiastes 4:9

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