Let’s Get Started

With the lack of an actual “Farm” at this time, Brittni and I have decided to establish ourselves in a way that our current space allows. If you visit the page regularly, you know that I recently wrote a post about growing garlic (find it here ->-> https://brbfarmwi.com/2019/10/03/the-strong-smell-of-success/ ) We have decided to try our hand at growing 6 different varieties of the plant. I found a farm in Washington that grows garlic for seed and placed an order. We will be receiving 1/4 lb. of each variety we ordered. Garlic for seed is very expensive so we will be starting with this small amount in hopes that we get a good yield and can replant our harvest next fall. The only concern we have at this time is finding a prime location to plant our first crop. There is a slight concern that we may find a farm to move to before next August when the crop should be ready to harvest so I came up with the idea of growing the roots in pallet crates. Garlic grows very well in raised beds as is so this will be an easy way to ensure we get to harvest it. I will be getting the crates from my employer as they currently give them away to be burned. Let us hope that our crop is planted by next week so it can begin to develop promptly before the first hard freeze.

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