A Day to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is here and nearly gone again. The day has disappeared faster than the turkey from the table and I have let out a sigh of calming relief the same way that one uncle of yours lets out his belt before settling down for a post-dinner nap. Thanksgiving started as a holiday where families came together to share a meal and celebrate all of the things they were thankful for in life. Today, it seems that the holiday was designed for afternoon football games, overeating, standing in line at Wal-Mart all night, or sitting in the treestand. Regardless of why we love this Thursday off of work, it is a great opportunity to spend time with the ones we love and think of all we have to be thankful for. We spent the day with some of my wife’s family. We ate the feast. We watched the Lions get kicked by the Bears. We saw the Black Friday advertisements and heard the deer hunting stories. As the day winds down and I write this blog, I see my family resting after a long Thanksgiving day. I see the very reason I get out of bed every morning and I thank God for the greatest gift of all.

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